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OldschoolSuicide Party

OldschoolSuicide Party – A Proper One

When the season kicks in and the shit hits the fan it is difficult at times to choose where to spend quality time, so many shows now in the calendar! But when the weekend of OldschoolSuicide Party comes – I have no doubts! Everyone to Wilczyn, Poland!

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Drake’s Porsche 911 Turbo S (991.2) at Wörthersee

The Time Flies S0 FAST! #WörtherseePrep

The time flies S0 FAST! As a Porsche 911 Turbo S does… and here it is again, that time of the year we’ve been all waiting for! Stancers Christmas is coming! Roll on Wörthersee! There’s one thing I’m not looking forward to, though. Not at all…

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#FAP4 – Dubshed 2018

There’s always plenty of cars at all the shows I go to and although most of the builds on show would be interesting there’s only a few that have that something special that catches the eye. Last weekend I went to Dubshed – here are four cars I found the most interesting, the favourite four – #FAP4

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Dubshed is on the way!

Sheds are usually small like the one which you can probably find in your back garden. But this one… this one has grown huge over the years… and it’s full of tasty cars! It’s time for Dubshed, ladies and gentlemen, Ireland’s biggest car show!

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Wolfsgruppe BBQ 2015

Wolfsgruppe BBQ, Friends and Events

For some the new season has started already, but I’m still waiting. Usually for starters I’d choose a greasy, beer and vodka filled BBQ with the Wolfsgruppe crew. I’ll miss it this year, what a pity, but I found a roll of 35mm film with a couple images from one of my favourite edition’s of this traditional show season opener… after it went missing for 3 years.

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VW Golf GTI COX 420Si 16v

Stee’s Volkswagen Golf Mk3 GTI COX 420Si 16v

A Mk3 Golf that you probably have never heard of… Rare? Rare as fuck! Number 11 of 18 made – Volkswagen Golf Mk3 GTI COX 420Si 16v. Straight from Japan! Believably one of two in Europe. Now proudly here in Dublin, Ireland. What’s the story?

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Mo’s VW Golf Mk1 Diesel

It was a chilly November morning when I got a text from Mo – let’s shoot the Mk1, she’s ready… Happy days, I thought! I was afraid that we will not be able to do this shoot after we had to cancel our earlier photography plans due to some trouble with Mk1’s clutch. Now she was ready… one of the nicest and lowest Volkswagen Golf Mk1’s in the country. Ireland’s pride! I got excited! Let’ go!

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Audi A6; RS6

End of Season Meet-Up in Wrocław

Suddenly, like a 500ml bottle of ice-cold vodka for two, this year’s summer came to an end and with it – the end of the show season has arrived. Finally after months of good weather clouds covered the sky above Wrocław and the heat went away giving a chance to breathe normally just like at home – in Ireland. It was time for the last official meet-up of the closing season.

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Czillen am Grillen

#FAP4 – Czillen am Grillen

On the third weekend of July, low cars of all makes have once again gathered in Wrocław for another awesome car show – Czillen am Grillen by WrocLOW – probably the most chilled out event of this year’s show season, as I’ve heard, as I was told. For some reason I seem not too remember it all. This is how good this show was – its 2nd edition at the Partynice Racecourse was absolutely mad and the cars on display were top too. Here’s StanceSyndicate’s favourite four yokes of the show a.k.a #FAP4!

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