Advent, VAG Event & 2020

What a year it was! Totally extraordinary and difficult at times – but despite that, we’ve managed to make the best out of it. We made exceptional VAG Event 2020 vel. wedding happen! Best „show” of the year! Żerksee ain’t dead! Advent!

VW Golf Mk2 GTI

Advent, although it originally meant the end of liturgical year for Christians, today it is mostly associated with Christmas and it is the period of preparation for the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

Really? Who’s your man, this Jesus fella? No one seems to remember. Is he on a dollar bill?


VW Golf Mk2

Today’s advent begins with Black Friday and Cyber Monday – the two huge propaganda made festivities designed to make you buy the shit they couldn’t sell all year so that in January businesses could roll out with their new stock.

Today’s advent is all about Santa Claus – this too well known chubby red dude popularized by the teeth-rotting synonymous of so-called freedom. It all started in 1930 when Coca-Cola introduced his famous red look in one of their ads. It happened only a year after they had removed cocaine from the drink. You with me, Patsy? Do you get the point, Charlie? 

Frank, let me ask you frankly, are you still dreaming of a white Christmas?


Today advent for myself and surely for many more is nothing more than an annoying period of stress and anger. It is the end of the year festival of consumptionism and there’s not a single snowflake to be seen falling from the sky. Climate’s changed. Grey, dirty and dull streets are lit by Christmas decorations all month of December which, in fairness, without snow do no good – they make it worse, reminding me that we’re all set in this totally fake world. Oh Gomer. I am… in a world… of shit!

Buy this, buy that – buy my shit. Shopping inferno. That’s all Christmas is about today. Fake as fuck.


The magical time of advent. Traffic jams, long queues and shopping centers packed with brainwashed people of which many are burdened in mad loans to spend even more this Christmas, to show off this Christmas, to position oneself in this fake world as you position websites in Google search. Who are you? Are you this creature you try to present on Facebook to your „friends” – who don’t give a single fuck about you – or are you that real person you see in the mirror? 


Today’s advent is as real as the church itself with the Vatican leading the way in global hypocrisy. This is not the advent I like, not the real one, the real advent is VAG Event – also known as Żerksee. Have you heard about this prime car show that years ago with its innovative solutions made the ‚polski’ modified scene shoot through the roof? 

Audi 80

It all started in 2007 when a bunch of friends, Wolfsgruppe, who met on a VW related forum – decided to run their own show. Thirteen years ago they shocked the polski modified scene by launching VAG Event as the very first invite only car show here. 

Six years later the crew decided to shock the scene once again and instead of turning their awesome show into a dough making machine – they decided to close it for the public and make it exclusive for the people invited. By then, for many, this show was the number one event in the calendar. VAG Event!

VW Golf Mk1


It’s unique atmosphere, family-like stay at this cool, kind of commie holiday venue, has over the years attracted petrolheads from all over Europe… and even the US of A. Why? You can’t go wrong with this event. You could even leave your BBS hubcaps on for the night and not worry about them at all. Well, you could probably leave your stuffed wallet on the front seat of your car and still find it there in the morning.

Oh man, the mornings there, the memories of the nights am Żerksee and the taste of warm vodka drank straight from the bottle, straight from the central dispenser as we do. Delicious! Who has never experienced VAG Event doesn’t know what I’m talking about. It’s sort of like a huge music festival but without too many strangers – a friends and family festival. Cosy!

VW Caddy Mk1

VW Golf Mk1

In January 2015 issue of VW Performance, David Kennedy called Wolfgruppe’s VAG Event – “Hometown Glory”, and indeed, it is a hometown glory – it is the only MUST GO TO event for me every year, for many years now, although it keeps on changing, constantly evolving into new better quality. Is it still a car show? 

In its tenth year the organizers announced the end of VAG Event. It was 2017 when we enjoyed the last edition of this great show where over four days there was so much going on – that I never had a chance to participate in all these attractions due to excessive consumption of the polski 40% strong tasty, translucent treat – the favourite disinfectant! 

VW Vento

What was on offer? Car presentations, air-ride battles, various chats and games ran from the scene located in the central point of the show grounds. In the evening DJs would take over and we’d party until dawn! It was fun! But in 2018, although everyone still calls it: VAG Event, it was replaced with a show, or rather a gathering called: Żerksee!

What was the difference? There was nothing going on… seemingly! There was no large scene setup like in previous years but anyway the DJs were dropping fat beats all day and all night as the gathered in many groups grilled and cheered. VAG Event from the most laid back show in the calendar turned into an even more relaxed occasion that could not be missed.

Stara Gwardia

Then 2020 came. Everything got cancelled. Hotels, restaurants and life in general… all got shut down – but not VAG Event which once again evolved to what was required. This time into a total anarchy, but one that worked out well, very well. I don’t even know how it actually happened. Some people said that they came there to a wedding without a bride and groom while others were there by coincidence. No one organized anything – we just came down to meet where we would gather every year for the past 13 years. Fantastic and lucky 13 years of great time in Żerków, Poland.

VAG Event vel. Żerksee will stay true as long as we’re alive! #StaraGwardia

Until 2020 I thought that a more fake, false and completely made up situation than Christmas cannot exist in the modern world but I was wrong. At the beginning of the pandemic I was sort of concerned, maybe even aroused like a child awaiting Santa Claus, enjoying advent calendar but as days passed, like years in case of Christmas, I’ve learned that something’s not right, something’s not true… the dots on the paper do not connect for me into a clear image.

VW Caddy Mk1 V8

The current situation is as real as Iggy Azalea’s lips, hips and tits. Lies of stars and stripes. I do not deny the existence of the virus, sure it is a great man made tool and everything around it, this perfect propaganda construct, I bet ya, would make Joseph Goebbles horny as fuck. He’d clap his huge ears, he would, in approval of the fear mongering manipulations of the media and the governments that take part in this criminal operation.

I see people changing their Facebook avatars to one saying: „No to conspiracy theories! Vaccinate now!”. I do not follow any of these conspiracies, which mostly are just some random tales made up by weirdos. I do analyze the news. I make living out of propaganda and I do know how it all works, I’ve studied Goebbles. This coronavirus malarkey has all symptoms of perfectly tailored propaganda yet it has so many flaws that are quite easy to observe – sure look at governments reactions and their ways to tackle this issue that completely lack logic.

Logic’s dead, it had comorbidities. 


What happened to us? We’ve such a powerful tool sitting in our pockets, but we stopped thinking. We’re busy taking selfies for Instagram, we care about peculiar matters and we let the media fill us with fear, we believe their lies, the stories that huge companies paid for to make profit. They don’t want us to think, they need cattle under complete control. 

I’m not trying to make you believe in what I wrote here. Do not follow conspiracies, do your research, use your brain and trust me, abstractive thinking is that very thing that differentiates us from animals. It’s a gift and we have to care for it. Care, before it’ll be too late. Neofeudalism is near. Don’t be a tool or a fool – question everything! Swim upstream and be like VAG Event over the years! Welcome to the era of Aquarius! 

…or you can always be like puppy Jenna, the woman with a fetish for acting like cute dogs and earn $10,000 a month making a clown of yourself in internet videos. Yes. Choose life, choose a job, choose a career, choose a family – ditch that fucking big television.

„I am so happy that I am alive, in one piece, and short. I’m in a world of shit… yes. But I am alive. And I am not afraid.” – Pvt. Joker, Full Metal Jacket.

Roll on 2021 – wish you all good health! See you in Żerków in July!

VAG Event 2020: Żerksee Underground
Words and photography: Mateusz Kulik | StanceSyndicate


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