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Dubshed 2015

Two weeks of hard work to build the Mk2. Two weeks of crap food, lots of stress and “mechanic’s syndrome” – the never ending grease under nails. All this only to get the latest VW in my collection ready for Ireland’s prime VAG dedicated show – GTINI’s world famous Dubshed. A last minute build – #DubshedPrep #Manana.

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Dubshed 2011. Part II

When end of the month comes and money flow, for that little while, changes from outbound to inbound, you’d be fixing it straight away making beer your best friend. Preferably a whole crate. Another “stay away from your PC” factor was bank holiday weekend. For most people it means a lot of free time. But for me, it’s been a busy weekend at work.

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Dubshed 2011- Part I

Does anybody still remember this year’s Dubshed organised by GTINI? Four months ago, VW heads from all across Ireland woke up early to drive to Belfast to a venue called King’s Hall. It was very early Sunday morning when I arrived at Blanchardstown Shopping Centre Car Park where we we met to form a convoy.

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