Dubshed 2018

It’s About Time – Dubshed!

There’s no need to introduce Dubshed. Everyone, at least here in Ireland, knows GTINI’s flagship show – the traditional show season opener. It’s great. Every year around early April dubheads from all over the green island gather in the north to meet mates and show off what they have been up to in their garages over the winter. It’s time to officially open the season for low yokes! Queue up! 

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Wörthersee Edition Snow!

Wörthersee Edition Snow!

Years ago, when I was a kid, we’d get snow every winter. Now it’s not guaranteed but it may happen in May. Is Wörthersee the new Christmas? Great time, festivities and fun? Climate change. Dubs in snow! Wörthersee Edition Snow!

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Czillen am Grillen 2017 by Wroclow.pl

Czillen am Grillen – It’s Time!

It’s time! Over 200 top cars from Poland and Europe, rocking many horsies, will gather again at #PartyNice Racecourse in Wrocław for WrocLOW’s Czillen am Grillen! The flag’s up! The time is now!

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Fiat 500 - No.1 - at Raceism - The Event 2018

Raceism The Event – Fiat 500 L – The No. 1!

Yesterday’s day at Raceism – The Event 2018 was a blast… the whole area around the Municipal Stadium in Wrocław was filled with not few, but plentiful of top range European stance projects – but there’s only one build which can be called the number 1!

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