Dubshed 2011 – Archie’s new baby

Archie’s skills are like wine. Maturing with time for better. His latest production, a 3 minutes long Dubshed reminder, called out some good memories. Although it’s been 9 months since this year’s edition I was happy to virtually go back there and enjoy it again. Good job man!

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Friday Night Messin’

Last night, Damian a.k.a Marrakesh Brown fella, sent me a message. ‘Check this one out, a young Irish talent‘ – he wrote including a link to a video on Vimeo. Well, as a Polski living in Ireland, to some extent, I’m involved in both car scenes. I believe that a well done job has to be appreciated, as well as a talent.

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Go orange go!

Although I’m doing my best, I’m unable to keep up to date with posting. It’s been a month since my last post… Well, call me lazy, don’t mind that really, but studying two courses and having a full-time job is kind of consuming all my time. Yet I found a spare second to take a closer look at this orange Fiat 126p… in a coincidence.

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Wolfsgruppe’s BBQ

A quick full of goodness weekend was what I needed! Over a week ago I flew over to Poland to this fresh event by Wolfsgruppe, called simply BBQ. The actual meet took place on Sunday in Środa Wielkopolska, but the real spirit of the gathering was the most enjoyed in the very early hours of the same day. Right after equally enjoyable Saturday evening.

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Black Beauty & a Hot Blonde

Yesterday I came back from Wolfsgruppe’s BBQ that took place over in Poland. It was awesome! The coverage and a gallery from that fresh top-class event coming soon. Meanwhile have a look at the newest and the hottest production by Archie/GreyWave.

Wolfsgruppe’s VAG Event 2011

Never been so broke in my life and never been aware that there is so much money actually available for all of the desired things. Just know what you want, believe in yourself and… make it happen. Anyway, getting broke process has started with our trip over to Poland for Wolfsgruppe’s VAG Event in July. Today, I flew over again to join the crew at Wolfsgruppe’s BBQ this weekend.

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Edition38 Show & Shine 2011 – Part II

After arriving late on Friday, we were awaiting Saturday to come. We got up early, as some may remember from part 1 and have started juicing the show straight away. The night before made us become seriously thirsty for VAG’s, wheels and stance, where in the dark of the camping, one was only able to catch a glimpse of a polished lip. We’ve got hooked on again. Very badly this time!

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