Incoming! Wolfsgruppe VAG Event!

I’m sitting on a plane flying to Poland. In my hand a cold can of beer. A tiny one, because only such are available on these flights, but I don’t worry, a few more are awaiting on the floor. I down the can fast. I need to warm-up before the coming days in Poland, get into the local mindset, get the liver running. So I reach out for another can and I notice that the girl sitting beside me is wearing socks with Santa Claus on them… Chris Rea’s “Driving Home For Christmas” can be heard nowhere, but I’m sure now – it’s the magical time of advent we were all waiting for, at least for the last 12 months. It’s the time for Wolfsgruppe’s VAG Event, or advent as we call it. “I’m flying home for Christmas, Oh, I can’t wait to see those faces, I’m flying home for Christmas, yea”.


In January 2015 issue of VW Performance, David Kennedy called Wolfgruppe’s VAG Event – “Hometown Glory”, and indeed, it is a hometown glory. The best show around. The only one, apart from Wörthersee Tour (which isn’t really a show so it actually doesn’t count) that cannot be missed.  It’s the place where I need to be every year, a magical place. It’s our home! The roots!


VAG Event am Zerkowsee is an essence of what’s the best on the scene. Its unique atmosphere and prime, chilled-out location makes it stand out from all the other shows. And, I don’t say this because VAG Event is organized by my friends, there’s no brown envelope involved to write this stuff either. VAG Event is genuinely my favourite event on the scene and nothing can beat it!


It’s not really a show, it is something more than just that thanks to all the people who make it happen, and most importantly, the people who drive over from all around Europe to spend a weekend “am Zerkowse” with like-minded others. VAG Event offers a fantastic atmosphere. It’s not an another event to make a lot of dough, it’s a place where everyone feels like at home. You won’t find  complete strangers in here, wandering about with their families, leaving their finger prints on the cars, posing for selfies.


We’re all a family and there’s nothing to worry about in here. Your car is safe, parked up for the weekend for your convenience, to enjoy what’s the best on offer in here. From the first edition, Wolfsgruppe’s VAG Event has been setting the standard on Polish scene and, in my opinion, this show has sparked the fire and rocketed Polish scene to the European standards, bringing new quality of car events in this part of Europe.


When in 2007 a small town near Poznań – Żerków saw the first edition of VAG Event, many of Polish VW fanatics complained on Wolfsgruppe’s decision to restrict admission to the show based on selection of cars. This made it different from all the other shows of that time in Poland. Now it wasn’t enough to own a VW to get pass the gates. Only the best cars were invited to assure top quality of the builds on show.


This decision set the bar high and, I believe, it allowed for rapid growth of the local scene, now supported by emerging social media connecting the whole world even more. It all, as it seems, happened at the right time. Today, the white and grey website with blue bar on the top is serving us a daily dose of fresh cars. But it wasn’t always like this.


Some time earlier we also had a blue-schemed website, or actually Volkswagen Blue forum –, where it all has started. This is where we did hang out, where we kept in touch with all like-minded heads. The forum is still going strong today, but times have changed and the new technologies allow for so much more. Using all what’s the best out there, the crew at Wolfsgruppe has created a totally different experience. Betting on the quality from day one!


After six years of successful running of their flagship show, Wolfsgruppe once again decided to shock everyone. Undoubtedly, they have brought new quality to the scene already, and yet again they chosen to go on a different path, up the stream once more time. In today’s money driven world, it’d be expected that such a successful venture like VAG Event will at some time turn into a profitable business, yet they did something totally opposite.


The decision to close the gates for public for all three days was a great move. A winning lotto ticket! It basically turned a great show into an even better one. A unique, cosy and family-like gathering for like-minded people. It’s hard to describe what is the atmosphere like at VAG Event. Just like at Wörthersee. You have to be there to find out… it’s an amazing place and it has all one would require to have a great weekend.


Located at a holiday venue with a public outdoor pool nearby, VAG Event is an ideal place to spend a weekend at. There’s a lot of interesting things happening throughout the 3 days and… since the cars are static, parked up for the time of the show, the drivers and everyone else attending can enjoy the worldwide famous Slavic hospitality. And though the event is mostly about German cars, it is Slavic in its roots. At least in 40%.


Last year, in 2014, our room – the famous C57, served as our press room, where all the media fellows did hang out. We had a great time. Fear and loathing in Żerków… I already fear this year’s edition. The gates are closed for public once again meaning it’s going to be the time for us… Christmas! Advent! Our VAG Event. The best weekend of the season!


We’re ready to go. All’s set to hop into the ‘Bundeswehr’, my NATO green Vento to head over on a combat mission, to report live from the number one weekend… the three days we were waiting for since last year’s VAG Event. It’s going to be great! For sure! I can’t wait! Hey, ho! Let’s go!

All photos were taken on a medium-format Mamiya RB67 – an oldschool, chunky piece of camera gear using celluloid film – no CMOS chips were involved and no SD card has been harmed during this process. Only real photography. Kodak Potra 400!

What about cars? Did I mention any? Every year at VAG Event, over 200 top class cars drive down from all over Europe to be forgotten for the weekend so the owners can enjoy this awesome show at its most! Last year, one car stood out a lot and made me love it even before I saw it… careful now, it’s pure porn! As Mr. Clarkson once said, the worst car ever made, “a horror, a horror” – FSO Polonez on Pontiac Trans Am wheels – StanceSyndicate’s Favourite Car of VAG Event 2014!