M.I.V.W 2011, Valkenburg, Holland – Part III

The 7th day of the 8th month of the year 2011 came. Many did wait long for this day to come and many spent hours in their garages to build a show stopper to bring. The night before we partied hard at the European Connection hotel party and when we woke up in the morning we found ourselves in a Home Alone-style situation.

Shit! We’ve slept in! A bit like… When we got down to the garage it was almost empty. Quick make-up and we were on our way to Valkenburg Airfield. As we weren’t exactly sure how to get over to the show venue we hooked up with other low rolling cars. No questions about were all those asphalt scrappers were going to. Seemed obvious.

Weather wasn’t the best in the morning. A few showers and a bit of sunny spells. Waiting in the endless queue of cars we’ve finally got to a “toll bridge like” entry gates. A few meters after gates a MIVW “bouncer” was selecting who drives into the “club”.

It was the moment of truth for Wosiu and his Mk3 Golf. Will the “bouncer” show us thumbs up and let us to go right, where all top-class cars went, or will we have to rest on the left hand side of the show grounds, which wasn’t too much worse in terms of style. “Let me show this fella my wheels” – Wosiu said and turned steering wheel right. -“My Autostrada’s and perfect static fitment will get us in”.

It worked! “The selecta” raised his left hand pointing to the right hand side part of the show. We must have been on the right side of the force. Sweet! Straight away we’ve installed the Mk3 between other cars and like others, Wosiu started “putz machen” to bring the most of his shiny silver Mk3 Golf.

Now we were ready to enjoy the 7th day of the 8th month of the year 2011. And we really did. In the land of orange colour everything seems to be perfect and well organized. I enjoyed the MIVW so much that pictures taken during the show seem to be never ending and a good few more will follow in part IV soon. Stay tuned, meanwhile relax and enjoy few pics of some oldschool rides.