Go orange go!

Although I’m doing my best, I’m unable to keep up to date with posting. It’s been a month since my last post… Well, call me lazy, don’t mind that really, but studying two courses and having a full-time job is kind of consuming all my time. Yet I found a spare second to take a closer look at this orange Fiat 126p… in a coincidence.

Have you watched Black Beauty and Hot Blonde, this great clip about Audi… ekhem… hot blonde? Together with the man behind this clip, Archie, we went to shoot an another Audi. Some of the scenes were shot in BMcar Tuning’s garage where I came across this little Orange.

She was pulled out of the garage to make space for the Audi we were filming and then just left out there soaking in the rain. I couldn’t resist and had to photograph her! First time I met this Fiat 126p a few years ago. At that time the car was untouched. Factory standard, just as it was made in the ’70s.

Over the last few years this little orange became a show-stopper on Irish car scene. Guys resprayed it in one of the most popular colours that Polish FSM and FSO cars were produced in, in the late ’70s and throughout ’80s, – the famous ‘yellow bahama’. Also, the Orange got custom banded arches to imitate Abarth’s rally version and suspension was lowered too. Of course, for perfect wheel fitment.

For a finishing touch, to complete the Abarth-look, she got a set of ATS Classics. Yes! This is what Tigger likes the most. Decent, clean and juicy orange OEM+ style. Well done guys! For those who doesn’t know Fiat 126p and are wondering what’s making her wheels spin, it’s a 2 cylinder, 650cc, 24 BHP engine… a real beast!

What you think of this Fiat 126p? I simply love it! Every time I see her, she elicits smile on my face and instantly brings back old good times when I used to rally a bit in one of these as a co-pilot. Funny little devices, very fussy but very loveable!