Dublin Meet Up

For a good start, at the beginning of each month, in particular on first Tuesday, Dublin’s VAG enthusiast get together to have a chat and a burger at the nearby Eddie Rocket’s. This month’s meet was held at Omni Shopping Centre so those from the north side of the city could also join in.

As usual haven’t got much time and didn’t get my burger… but still have managed to enjoy an hour (or a bit more) of meeting. When I went through all of the pictures taken yesterday I’ve realized that most of them are pictures of a Mazda on banded steelies.

This car does something bad to my mind every time I see it. Is it those banded steelies that I love so much (have two of my cars rolling on wide steel) or is it because she’s a bit rough? Quite possibly it is both. I do effin’ like them dirty and low rolling cars, especially on fat wheels.

Hold on… it was meant to be a post about recent Dublin meet, isn’t this right? Should’ve stayed over there for a bit longer and far away from the jap. See you guys next month. Don’t bring that Mazda… or I’ll get stuck on her again.